Your applicant’s financial obligations and payment patterns play an important part in your rental decision. Information such as: Public records, collection accounts, trade lines and payment history, social security verification, address and employment verification are only a few of the many features included with every consumer credit report.

Is it difficult to read and comprehend the credit bureaus “raw” credit report format? No problem, every credit report comes with The Screening Pros’ re-formatted, easy to read credit report tool for easy comprehension.

It is difficult at times to obtain the entire picture, especially if your applicant is deliberately committing fraud or avoiding the law. Information and tools available from the credit bureaus and various government agencies will assist you in identifying potentially high risk applicants.

Avoid headaches and the possibility of assuming another landlords nightmare!

The Screening Pros’ proprietary nationwide eviction search will identify those tenants who have been previously sued by other landlords. The Screening Pros’ eviction search includes detailed information such as: judgment information, case types, defendants and co-defendants, filing addresses, and other detailed information needed to identify the one time eviction filing, or the habitual abuser of the court system.

As many employment positions require employees to transport goods and/or people, knowing an applicant’s driving history plays an important role in job placement or hiring.  MVRs detail a history of violations, suspensions, and other information about a person’s driving history.

In some instances, a prospective tenant or employee will omit information from your application in attempts to hide an adverse past. By obtaining a detailed address history report, TSP is able to find additional criminal records that otherwise could possibly have been missed. AHT data is derived from multiple sources including credit bureaus, finance companies, telephone directories and public utility records.

Supplied by members through out the country, The Screening Pros’ database of Residential History Reports will identify those tenants who have skipped owing rent, created a substantial nuisance, vacated after an eviction notice was served or other factual, non- subjective data that could represent a financial risk to your property or hazard to other residents. Positive residential history reports are also identified.

Dependant on your criminal report needs, The Screening Pros offers a variety of criminal report options. Such as, a multi-state criminal record search including sexual predator* information or a comprehensive county records search identifying the most recent misdemeanor and or felony criminal records.

*It may not be permissible by some state laws to reject an applicant where a statewide registered sex offender database was used to identify if an applicant is a sexual predator. Always consult with your attorney for added fair housing protection.

Did you know that an applicant’s income only represents the ability to pay your rent and not the willingness? Since your resident’s rent check is most likely the largest check they will write each month, make sure it’s good.

TeleCheck® is the world’s leading check verification service. TeleCheck’s® extensive database will identify applicants who have a history of writing bad checks or those applicants who currently have bad checks pending with other merchants.

Do you deal with corporate guarantors?

The Screening Pros offers business credit reports exclusively through Experian’s Business Solutions. In addition to business credit worthiness, The Screening Pros can identify if the company you’re about to do business with is a bona fide organization and licensed to do business without any penalties and/or violations.

As an additional service, The Screening Pros can create a rental decision making product specifically designed for businesses. It’s as easy as receiving an “approve”, “conditional approved” or “decline” for those complicated business transactions.