The industry’s first prequalification tool that uses real data for real results. Resident Prequal looks at actual consumer data through a “soft” credit inquiry in an effort to identify high risk applicants prior to you even showing the unit. Yes, know before you show! will save you time, frustration and money. Approximately 35% of your traditionally screened rental applicants are being declined for items that can be vetted prior to the prospect even viewing your available unit. For more info, go to:

Save your applicant time and your leasing staff energy by offering your applicants the ability to apply for rentals on-line 24/7.

The Screening Pros’ apply on-line functionality is 100% customizable from the acceptance of your rental policies, your requirements for completing the rental application, application fee payment options, income verification options, your branding and much more.

Proprietary to The Screening Pros, The QualifierTM is a decision making product that allows you to select and fine-tune your property’s decision points based on your ever changing rental needs. Concerned about fair housing complaints? The QualifierTM ensures that your rental decisions are fair and consistent each and every time. The only report that your properties need to read is “approved”, “conditionally approved” or “declined”.

It’s not just a decision tool; The QualifierTM can also help your advertising budget. Equipped with several management reports, The Qualifier’sTM decision results are tied back to a variety of marketing and property performance reports to closely monitor your property’s success.

Generate all of your property’s unique leasing forms on-line in seconds!

Complete your leasing process by printing all of your customized leasing documents through the easy, on-line functionality of The Leasing ProTM.

With The Leasing Pro’sTM easy on-line management tools and controls, you can now say goodbye to declined applicants signing an unauthorized lease. The Leasing ProTM also maintains your document authenticity, prevents legal inconsistencies and most importantly, saves valuable time completing forms elsewhere.

The Leasing ProTM is not simply a tool that prints your leasing forms after your applicant screening process. The Leasing ProTM automates your entire move in process by completing and printing your pre-screening forms such as, holding deposit forms, credit check fee receipts, property welcome letters or other pre-screening forms that are necessary prior to the applicant screening process. All pre-screening forms are pre-populated with applicant and unit specific data making your screening and lease generation steps as easy as a few clicks.

As soon as your applicant is approved, close the deal with a few clicks and print!

The Screening Pros partnered with Adobe Sign to deliver The Leasing Pros’ electronic signature capabilities for one reason, EchoSign is the best! EchoSign is the web’s #1 electronic signature service allowing our customers to get their rental agreements signed in minutes rather than days.

As the leading provider of electronic signatures, Adobe Sign is compliant with the provisions of the E-SIGN Act, providing protection for both the sender and the signer during the signing process.

If your are a retired police detective who knows the penal codes for every state, every offense type and criminal reporting procedures state by state, then you are certainly qualified to make your own rental recommendation based on your applicant’s criminal records. If not, let The Screening Pros do the work for you.

Based on your property’s criminal acceptance policies, The Screening Pros will return the criminal rental recommendation without the aggravation of trying to figure out if the offense is a misdemeanor, felony or even what the offense is.

Let it be as easy as, Accept or declined!