Developed specifically for the multifamily housing industry, The Screening Pros’ IBM award winning software is continually designed to be your best of breed solution for online leasing and applicant screening. With over 25 years of applicant screening experience, TSP has continued their commitment to be the number one source for applicant risk mitigation and online leasing functionality.

TSPs’ core foundation is to offer the most effective applicant risk mitigation tools while at the same time, develop software that streamlines your entire leasing process.

Functionality made simple! From the convenience of having your applicants submit their rental application online to gaining federally compliant electronic signatures on all of your unique leasing forms in minutes. TSP is committed to being your business partner who understands and responds to your applicant screening and leasing needs.

TSP’s commitment to offer quality data, easy functionality, innovative products and great customer service is what makes TSP your business partner. It is the strength of TSP’s software development flexibility that affords the opportunity to build on so many relationship channels such as:

  • Independent Landlords – Serviced through
  • Property/Asset Management
  • Apartment Association Preferred Partnerships
  • Private Labeling and Branding
  • Employment Screening
  • Custom Software Integrations
  • B2B Wholesale Data

“The value of our service is to be perceived through our customers, not us.”

The Screening Pros, LLC